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  Useful Resources

Below is a categorized list of useful websites and documents pertaining to geothermal energy. If you wish to see something added to this list, please contact us at info@cangrc.ca.

Canadian Geothermal Research/Education

GSC Geothermal Energy Resource Potential of Canada report (2011) view

CanGRC Map of College Geothermal Programs in Canada view

Pacific Center for Geothermal Education and Research website view

BC Gov Geothermal Workshop presentations (2008) view

BC Gov Geothermal Resource Map view

NRC The Canadian Geothermal Data Compilation (2005) view

Geoscience Needs for Geothermal Energy Development in Western Canada: Findings and Recommendations view

GSC Review of the National Geothermal Energy Program Phase 2 - Geothermal Potential of the Cordillera view

NWT ENR Geothermal Favourability Map, NWT report (2010) view

Canadian GeoExchange Coalition website view

CanGEA's Geothermal Favourability Maps view

International Geothermal Research/Education

International Geothermal Association website view

Geothermal Resources Council website view

USGS Geothermal Energy Resources website view

Nordvulk Summer School website view

National Geothermal Academy website view

MIT The Future of Geothermal Energy report (2006) view

University of Auckland Post Graduate Certificate in Geothermal Energy Technology website view

Geothermal Industry Information

Canadian Geothermal Energy Association website view

Think GeoEnergy website view

Geothermal Energy Association website view

Map of College Geothermal Programs in Canada

View CanGRC - College Geothermal Programs in a larger map
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