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  CanGRC Review

The CanGRC review is a biannual digital publication that is devoted to showcasing Canadian geothermal research, whether it be research conducted on Canadian land or international geothermal projects done by Canadian researchers. The CanGRC review is distributed free of charge to all members. Additionally, all past issues are made avaliable for download from this page.

Everything published by the CanGRC Review is also accessible via the Geothermal Resources Council's Geothermal Library.

Contribute to the CanGRC Review

If you wish to contribute an article to the CanGRC Review, please email your submission to info@cangrc.ca. Submissions should be in .doc format and no longer than ~2000 words (no minimum word count). Please send all related images as separate high-quality attachments.

All are welcome and encouraged to submit. It is the intention of this publication to showcase members from a range of sectors (government, academia, industry scientists and engineers, etc) and diciplines (earth sciences, engineering, environmental science, geography, biology, etc). Student submissions are welcome.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

  Current Issue

Issue 6 - Fall 2014

Geothermal prospecting of geological formations in Saskatchewan. Assessment of geothermal as an alternative to the Site C hydroelectric project in BC. Geothermal exploration in the St Lawrence Lowlands, QC. Summary of events at the DIVEX-INRS geothermal workshop and short course. Geothermal sessions at the AGU-CGU-GAC-MAC Joint Assembly.

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  Past Issues

Issue 5 - Fall 2013

Geothermal plays in deep foreland basins of the Canadian Cordillera. In search of 'energy havens' towards a sustainable economic growth. Announcement of geothermal short course in Quebec City. CanGEA's crowdfunding campaign and upcoming conference in Calgary. A tribute to Frank Baumann, one of BC's geothermal pioneers.

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Issue 4 - Spring 2013

Exploration methodology that can improve the state of geothermal development in BC. The CanGEA Alberta Favourability Map and 'Digging Deeper' Conference. The Techonology, politics and policy of enhanced geothermal electricity in Canada. The PCGER student essay competition. New Canadian thermal springs online map. Three ideas for a Canadian Geothermal Energy Roadmap.

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Issue 3 - Fall 2012

Williston Basin geothermal potential. Is it feasible to produce electrical energy in the Alberta Basin? Assessing the compatibility of aboriginal values and geothermal development. Upcoming launch of the CanGRC Canadian Geothermal Reference Library. Borealis GeoPower obtains land and water use permits for Ft. Liard project in the Northwest Territories.

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Issue 2 - Spring 2012

Is it feasible to use EGS for oil sands processing? New geothermal textbook from U of Windsor professor. Geothermal geochemistry session at Goldschmidt 2012. The Pacific Centre for Geothermal Education and Research. CanGRC activity update. The Canadian GeoExchange Coalition welcomes CanGRC. An argument towards the incorporation of EGS into Ontario's Feed-In-Tarrif program. CanGEA's targets for 2012.

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Issue 1 - Summer 2011

CanGRC Official Launch Letter. Dr. Allan Woodbury's 'Whatever Happened to Geothermal Energy?'. Waterloo University researches GLHE design optimization. Dr. Jasmin Raymond discusses new research on thermal conductivity testing. CanGEA extends support to CanGRC. Mr. Craig Dunn of Borealis Geopower discusses the High-Temperature Geothermal Energy Industry in Canada.

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