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  Canadian Geothermal Research Council

The Canadian Geothermal Research Council (CanGRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving Canada's geothermal research community. It does not exist as a government lobby group, nor is it intended to represent the unified voice of the research community - it simply exists to raise awareness about geothermal research in Canada, to showcase Canadian geothermal research and to elevate communication within the research community.

How the CanGRC Operates

The CanGRC co-founders and representatives are responsible for designing and maintaining the website and biannual publications. Content for these is provided from the Canadian geothermal research community. The co-founders operate under the guidance of an esteemed board of directors, which includes professionals from academic, government and industry research positions.

Please send all inquires to info@cangrc.ca


Ryan Libbey
PhD Candidate, McGill University.

Ryan's research focuses on fluid-rock interactions, mineralization, and fluid chemistry in active geothermal systems. He has worked in geothermal systems all over the world including, New Zealand, Iceland, Guatemala, Canada, and the United States. In addition to regular CanGRC operations, Ryan is also the CanGRC graphics/web-master and is chief editor of the CanGRC Review.

Lena Patsa
PhD Student, University of British Columbia.

Lena has been actively engaged in promoting geothermal energy education and research in Canada since 2009. She is is the founder and techical lead of the Pacific Center for Geothermal Education and Research (PCGER). Click here for more details.

Yuliana Proenza
M. Eng. Candidate in Clean Energy Engineering, University of British Columbia.

Yuliana is a trained geologist and currently works for a geological consulting company in Vancouver. Her previous experience includes exploring for magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE and epithermal gold deposits. In addition to regular CanGRC operations, Yuliana also volunteers her time at the Pacific Center of Geothermal Education & Research (PCGER) at UBC.

  Outreach Representative

Randy R. Koon Koon
PhD Candidate, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus

Randy’s research focuses on geothermal energy prospecting of the geological formations within Saskatchewan, through hydraulic, thermal and geo-mechanical aspects. His research delves into the realm of modelling and simulations. Randy’s enthusiastic desire for geothermal energy research propelled him to Canada, Germany, and USA. He has published and presented papers on geothermal energy at bulletins, conferences, and workshops.

  Board of Directors

Craig Dunn
P.Geol. Borealis Geopower

Craig is a pioneer leader in geothermal energy exploration and development initiatives in Canada. With over 9 years experience in geological consultations, Mr. Dunn supplies both the project management and geological expertise for the Canadian energy industry’s efforts on developing high temperature geothermal energy from untapped resources.

Dr. Grant Ferguson
Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan

Grant Ferguson holds degrees in both geology and engineering, focusing on geothermal energy and hydrogeology. He has conducted research on geothermal resources for over a decade and has focused on topics ranging including the sustainability of open loop heat pumps, subsurface urban heat islands and the use of springs as geothermal exploration tools. Dr. Ferguson has published numerous articles on geothermal energy and has sat on geothermal energy related committees for various organizations, including the National Ground Water Association and the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition.

Dr. Steve Grasby
Geological Survey of Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Adjunct Professor at University of Calgary

Dr. Grasby received a PhD in Geochemistry from University of Calgary in 1997. He has worked on regional groundwater studies in the Canadian Parries and in British Columbia, including climate change impacts of regional water supply. He has also conducted extensive studies on thermal and mineral springs in western and northern Canada. He is lead author of the 2011 GSC publication, "Geothermal Energy Resource Potential of Canada".

Dr. Catherine Hickson
VP Exploration & Chief Geologist, Alterra Power Corp.

Dr. Hickson is a world renowned volcanologist with over 26 years of Canadian and international geoscience experience, primarily with Natural Resources Canada. After gaining her Ph.D. from UBC she began her career under Canada's Geothermal Program in 1981. She has published dozens of papers in volcanic geology globally and has led large multidisciplinary geoscience programs in Canada and South America.

Dr. Alan Jessop
Geological Survey of Canada

A leader of geothermal energy research in Canada. Dr. Jessop worked with the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) for over 30 years and led the Canadian government's first geothermal energy research initiative through the GSC from 1974 to 1986. He was the first to publish research on geothermal energy in Canada with over 90 documents in the field of heat flow and geothermal energy.

  GeoExchange Representative

Dr. Jasmin Raymond
HydroGeoPro, L’École de Technologie Supérieure

Dr Jasmin Raymond is a hydrogeologist offering consulting services with HydroGeoPro and carrying on research with L’École de Technologie Supérieure in Montreal. He obtained a Ph.D. at Laval University and a B.Sc. at McGill University. His particular interests are low-temperature geothermal resources and ground-source heat pump systems. He received numerous prices for his innovative research conducted to optimize the system profitability and developed with geothermal designers, operators and manufacturers. Dr. Raymond is a coauthor of the GSC report on the geothermal energy resource potential of Canada.
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